Kate & Keto


I’m sure this quote means something entirely different in the context in which it was originally used. In this context, I want my inner phoenix to emerge — and the only way for that to happen is to burn the fat standing in its way.

I have been experimenting with Ketogenic recipes and intermittent fasting for about a year. The first six months I achieved a total loss of 25 pounds. It was an amazing feeling! I felt more energetic, less bloated, and slept more soundly. I also noticed my skin was softer looking and my eyes weren’t baggy. I felt like I could think better and I even felt more organized – mentally and physically!! I know, strange, but true for me.

Then a trip to Mexico, birthday parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years through me off my path. Family gatherings and vacations tricked me into thinking, “I can have a few bites here and there. I’ll snap back when I get home.” But, it became harder and harder to get back to my routine. And before I knew it, I was eating fast food again, drinking sodas, and snacking on chips and sodas (or bubble teas!). Ten pounds slowly appeared back in my mid-section, breasts, and hips. My face became puffy. My eyes were droopy. And I was tired again. Super tired.

My husband and I thought maybe we can alternate fasting and keto and cheat days. But that made it very difficult to keep losing weight. We maintained, but we didn’t lose. And we both still wanted to lose more weight. I have a goal to lose about fifty more pounds. And he wanted to lose another ten. So, we are revisiting what worked the first six months. And that’s what I’ll be writing about until I plateau – and at that point, I’ll shift to what is called “intermittent fasting” to kickstart my metabolism.

Our plan is to follow a low-carb, high fat lifestyle. And I’ll share our family’s favorite recipes, grocery lists, budgets, and emotional reflections about physical and mental changes. I also want to start walking three days a week — if I can get myself out of my sitting routine for ten minutes three times a day, I’ll will have met my first milestone towards my goal of walking 30 minutes a day 3 days a week.

I have been most successful when I start small. Chunk goals. And reflect on my daily activities. I start my reflections with what’s NOT working – where my failings are – and then I think about “what can I do better?” This blog will document this process. Join me if you want to share your journey, too.

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